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AHA News Article

Dear Email: ID Acco
nt Holder,

This is to inform you officially that your email address attache to Ticket NUMBER HDM/730/542/135/wP/2013,in a random of 100 emails selected Number 9-45-56-58-55 emerged winner of the sum of £12,500.000.00 (Tweleve Million, Five Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds) Deposited in one of our prime bank and the program is aimed at encouraging global Co-operation and support humanity by Honda international promotion Company Limited.

Kindly Contact Dr.Christophe Cross, Fill in your details and send direct to this mail id :info_honda_claims@rocketmail.com

Full name..............
Contact Address........
Telephone/Mobile Number.......
Marital Status.........


I hope my application will be favorable granted by your reputable office.


Dr christopher Cross
(Dispatch Officer )

Email: info_honda_claims@rocketmail.com

Prize Notification

Jumat, 04 Januari 2013


My name is Cynthia and i seek for true friendship and
partner so i contacted you, please if you don't mind i will like
you to reply my mail back so i can send you my picture
and tell you more about me,

Senin, 19 November 2012

From: Mrs. Safiya Gadhafi

From: Mrs. Safiya Gadhafi.
Wife of Libya leader.

Dear Friend
This may appear a bit surprising to you but as a matter of fact, I am desperately looking for a foreign partner whom I can trust to handle some investment of fund movement. I MRS SAFIYA FARKASH, A wife of late Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gadhafi. who was recently killed by his political opponent, I her wife is contacting you for help to assist me in getting  some money which was  deposited by my later husband in Burkina Faso where my husband have the most costs property in west Africa.
In my name  Safiya Farkash he deposited the sum of (US$25 Million Dollars) to a finance board of GROUP BANK (BOA) in Burkina Faso which I will disclose to you more as we proceed. I have already left Libya to near by country of Algeria. Consequently, our status of the present state of things does not permit me to open an account or run any huge financial business at the moment. That is why I want this fund records to be change to your full information that will enable you transferred it to your conducive account in you country. Your assistance will enable us invest this money in your country.

But before we continue in this business, we have to build a memorandum of trust that you will not betray me at the end of this transaction. As soon as you agree to help us, I will quickly furnish you with the contact address of the GROUP BANK where the US$25 Million (Twenty-five Million United State Dollars was deposited. Perhaps am waiting for your prompt and positive response.
Please, if you are not interested do not disclose my intention to peoples for the security reasons of my entire families and this money is the only hope of me and my children's as my husband is now dead.
reply to my private email box at  mrs.safiyagadhafi10@yahoo.com

Best Regard.
Mrs. Safiya Gadhafi.

Jumat, 24 Februari 2012


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